In last post we discussed about elements and attributes, click the link to read about it. This post is about quotation and comments. We sometimes quote some saying or take some quotes from famous personalities or from any source to make our point. We want that quote to be shown different from rest of the content, for this purpose we use quotation in html. Lets discuss the quotation elements in details below:

  • Short Quote:

This element is used to show the short quotations about anything. Suppose a company wants to convey its goal or plan, it will be regarded its short quotation. For example if we take WHO (World Health Organization) role, then its role is “to direct international health within the United Nations’ system and to lead partners in global health responses.” Here we the quotation mark is inserted by us manually, but if we have to express in browser, we will use <q> command, and the browser will put quotation mark automatically. See the following example.

Short Quotation
Short quotation output
  • Blockquote:

This element is used to define the quote when the quote is taken from any other source. For example, we have taken a quote from the website of the world health organisation. The browser will usually indent the blockquote by itself when we use it. Look at the following example:

blockquote output
  • Abbreviation and Cite elements:

Abbreviation element is used to define abbreviation or acronym of the word if the word is made up of two or more words and it is used frequently. Using abbreviation gives important information to search engines, browsers and translation systems. Cite is the other element used to highlight the title of any work. Suppose an article i the magazine, discussing the review of newly launched book, then the name of the book is displayed in italics while the name of the author is displayed in normal text. This is done with the help of cite element in html. Lets understand abbreviation and cite element with the help of following example.

abbreviation and cite
abbreviation and cite

So these are some basic points in quotations and cites. We will discuss further in coming post. For css post, please click here. If you want to read further about html quotation and cites, please click here.

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