HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the programming language which used in making websites.  It is the language which decides the basic structure of any website i.e. how your website will going to look on browser. HTML builds up the web page with the help of ELEMENTS, for example:- headtitlebodystyle etc. When these terms enclosed in angle brackets, they becomes html tags, for example:- <head><title><body> etc. When these tags are used in a manner such that, there is a start with content put inside it and then close tag, this complete sequence is termed as element.In short, open tag with desired content and then closing tag is known as an element.  The function of tags is to tell the browser that which part is heading, which part is title and which part is body of the content. The tags are generally used in pairs i.e. <head>….</head>. Without closing the tags, the command is not executed often.

HTML coding is similar to the writing of ARTICLE on any topic. In both case, the first step is to decide the topic on which we want to write. Title comes under the Head part of article. In this Head part of article, we write the title of our article. Same happens when we start writing codes. We start by declaring the type of document is of html, with the help of tag “<!DOCTYPE html>”. This is our first step, after this comes our second step to start the coding by giving tag <html>, which acts as base element of our page. Just like in writing article we leave space for heading, which defines our header section, similarly, we define head section here with <head> tag. Under this head tag, comes the title, which reflects the general idea of our page, same as the title of article gives general idea about the following article.  This concludes the basic part of our article and coding.

After this comes the main part of coding and article, and that is “body”.  This is generally represent by the tag <body> in coding. This plays an important role in making our page or article looks attractive or unattractive. Here we defines the main content about what our article or page is all about.

That’s how you can start with the coding, by comparing it with somewhat similar you know. And once you start understanding, you eventually start enjoying it. Now let’s look at the page where we write code or how does it look like.

Basic Html code

Above was the basic page structure of coding. Now there is a question arising in your mind that where this structure will be displayed. The answer for this is, this is displayed in web browser. The elements and tags that we typed in the process of coding will not be shown in web browser. The function of web browser is to show the content which we type inside the body. Lets see how web browser shows an html page.

First we used <h1> tag, the <h> tags are used for headlines. There are total six headlines in html which are given by tags <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h6>.  <h1> denotes the bigger heading, which decreases in sizes till it reaches to <h6>. The next tag that we used is <p> tag. <p> tag stands for paragraph, which is used to type a paragraph in our content. The files are saved with the extention of “.html”.

So, this was the basics of HTML in introduction, in further posts, we will see more about html.

If you want to attend online tutorials on HTML, our  you want to learn coding from the scratch you can refer this website, This website has all the tutorials available from basics to advance for all programming languages.

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